Conversation Classes

Would you like to speak English with more ease?

You’ve spent many years studying but would like to gain confidence in speaking English. We can help.
Put all that learning into practice, we can make it work for you. Through conversation, using interactive exercises, you can improve your fluency and comprehension levels in everyday English.

The lessons will focus on improving oral communication skills.

  • Practice English conversation for everyday situations
  • Explore vocabulary specific to particular topics and contexts
  • Build confidence with both speaking and listening
  • Improve pronunciation

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Small group (max 5 students)

1x 90-minute lesson per week 

Price: 199 € for 12 lessons

Choose your times:

Mondays to Fridays

07:30-9:00 or 16:30-18:00 or 18:10-19:40

One-to-One lessons

60-minute lessons - Price:  35 € per lesson
90-minute lessons - Price:  45 € per lesson

To register or request more information email or call us.

Job Interview Preparation

Get ready to get that job

If you are looking for employment with an international company, it is important to prepare yourself for an interview conducted in English. Even under pressure, you need to be able to answer questions and demonstrate your confidence in the English language. To do this you need the right skills, practice and determination.

Increase your prospects for success by applying skills learned with United English.

  • Ensure that you impress the interviewer with your command of English
  • Practice appropriate responses to the most common questions asked during interviews
  • Master comprehensive interview techniques such as personal presentation, and role-play common scenarios
  • Receive immediate feedback and coaching on your performance
  • Explore and prepare the practical aspects that can make your interview run smoothly

Job Interview Preparation

Consists of 6 lessons of 60 minutes

Price: 210  € for 6 lessons

To register or request more information email or call us.